One of the sweetest moments of the year is that first glimpse of flowers breaking through the earth, showing their green. It signals that something beautiful is about to arrive, something just beneath the surface is getting ready to reveal its glory.

I savor the potential that permeates spring. It makes me consider my own potential. What is within me, just beneath the surface, waiting to rise? When I think of this I get a vision.  I picture myself bringing home fresh flowers on a regular basis, reading more quality literature and watching fewer episodes of Project Runway and the Big Bang theory, taking walks with my boyfriend and doting on our apartment, spending long lunches with those I hold dear, rekindling my passion for playing guitar. To be this me, I need to break through my patterns, just as the flowers need to break through the earth.

This is not about some overhaul of personality.  None of it requires more time or more money.  I just need to reallocate my time so that it is more in line with this vision.  I need to bring to the surface these aspects of my being that already exist, the seeds long ago planted.

Now, the temptation here would be to make a nice, tidy to-do list. Tempting because I absolutely love a to-do list, but also because we tend to believe that we can “do” our way to happiness.  But the vision I describe above is not so much about doing.  It is aboutbeing.  It is not a set of tasks to do on any given day, it is a gentle shift in intention so that my actions better align with my true desires.

Plus, I find that putting something like “read more literature” on a to do list sets you up for failure.  It is too abstract and somehow loses meaning.   It takes a romantic notion and turns it into a chore.  Let me go ahead and dare to say that most us need fewer chores, not more.

Do you feel aspects of yourself just below the surface, waiting to blossom?  What do you envision for a happier, truer you? I believe that if we let ourselves see it and breathe it and hold it close to our hearts, we can be it.

Ok, ok and if you must put a thing or two on your to-do list that aligns with your happiness, go ahead.  I did put “pick up fresh flowers on the way home” on mine. 😉

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