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Generosity of Spirit

My Love and I are taking off soon for a vacation!  Travel, for me, is one of life’s greatest joys and, as is the case with all things joyous, it is best when shared. Even vicariously.

What a gift it has been to talk of our travel plans with clients and friends and have them participate in the joy; expressing delight, asking questions, making suggestions, sharing some of their own similar adventures.

I am so grateful for these reactions. When you tell another person about something that excites you and they meet your enthusiasm, the whole thing gets exponentially better.

We might be tempted to call this a small thing, but it isn’t.  It exemplifies a generosity of spirit that can make life richer for all of us.

There is a reciprocity of joy, circling back and forth, endlessly building.

There is inspiration.  To join in on the experience of someone else’s adventure, celebration, accomplishment or milestone reminds us of our own ability to rise.

Also, the more we give the more we get! A generous spirit is an abundant one.

To truly meet another person where they are, be it joy or even grief, is indeed generous.  Because it can easily go the other way.  We can impose where WE are instead, meeting their joy with our envy, their grief with our need to see the bright side.

We all do this, it is human.  But when we open our hearts enough to come together in emotion, it can make us feel more connected, less alone.

I think that’s what it means to hold space for someone.  Just being present with another being, exactly where they are, letting the feeling resonate.

I so appreciate the generosity of spirit I’ve been shown time and time again. When someone says they are happy for you they have, in essence, gifted you some of their own happiness.  The best way I know to receive such a treasure is to say Thank You  … and then pass it on!

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3 Responses to “Generosity of Spirit”

  1. June Pattinian Utecht

    Luisa and Beloved,
    Have a wonderful trip. What a gift to leave the familiar, where we learn the world is indeed larger than we ever imagined. Each trip teaches you not only geography and culture, but exposes our mind, body and spirit to new awakenings and truths within.

    Love your writing and the joy expressed when we hold space for someone.

    Bon Voyage,

    • Luisa Tanno

      What a treat to hear from you June! Thank you so much for your words. Wishing you well!

  2. Dolores tanno

    What a beautiful way to begin a trip! Your own generosity in sharing the pleasure of planning and the joy of anticipation is lovely and contagious. Have a wonderful trip and I will follow your adventure day by day. Madre

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