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Love Letters: Dear Hard Workers

Dear Hard Workers,

I see you and gaze upon you with love and admiration as I watch you strive, dig-in, and commit.

While I sit and conjure, dream and fret –  you get to work. (Not to disparage the conjurers and dreamers. They are, without a doubt, among you!)

I appreciate that right now you’ve never been asked to work harder. You are stretched to your limits, constantly facing new and different stressors. It must be onerous having more and more asked of you, just to keep things afloat as you serve, teach, deliver, care-take, hammer, administer, study, represent, listen.

Perhaps you feel that people don’t understand just how hard you’re working. That must hurt.  Depleting you when you most need bolstering. I’m sorry.

Maybe more of us could hold you up in love and try to make things easier for you. Exercising our patience, our humility, our compassion. Expressing our gratitude, listening to you, and holding space for you to collect yourself from time to time.

I see you hard workers, and wrap you in support.

Thank you.

With Love,


This is part of my Valentine’s Day series of love letters.  For more see Love Letters: Dear Kindness

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