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Love Letters: Dear Kindness …

In the sprit of Valentine’s Day I decided to write a series of love letters which I am happy to share with you here. First up …

Dear Kindness,

I’m writing to thank you for being a beacon of light. You are the very best of me and I want you to know how much I appreciate you.

May I also express my regret for the times I’ve had the opportunity to share you and have chosen to withhold you instead. I don’t fully understand why I do that.  I suppose that when I am feeling small, what I have to give feels unworthy. Fear throws up a barricade, even though I understand intellectually that fear and kindness can, and do co-exist.

In fact, with every expression of kindness my sense of self expands. I feel mighty and overflowing with love to share. May those moments serve as touchstones to help me offer you with greater generosity, especially when I feel unsure.

Kindness, I am so grateful to know you deeply, and to have been on both ends of your circularity. Even if I am outside the circle, just witnessing your presence, I feel effervescent. To see you on display inspires me to want to embody you more often and more completely.

Thank you for being within all of us and for showing yourself everywhere we care to look.  Maybe we can all do better by bringing you to the places that feel the scariest, the most devoid, and the most in need.

I believe we can. I believe in you.

With Love,


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5 Responses to “Love Letters: Dear Kindness …”

  1. Marina

    I’ve said this before and I will say it again. Your writings are worthy of being published!!! You have such a unique and special writing style; I find myself reading and re-reading all of your written word – past and present- and never tire of it. Please write more for us to marvel and be uplifted and inspired! Your writing is as beautiful as your dance movements! Please, please write more!!!

  2. Jesse McDonald

    What a marvelous love letter and concept. Looking forward to the next post!

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